What is water-repellent, waterproof, hydrophobic spray?

isShoe Repulse Water Repellent, Waterproof, Hydrophobic Spray?

Hydrophobic, water repellent, waterproof spray. These terms are always used interchangeably when it comes to the concept of a shoe spray that helps prevent water or liquid substances from penetrating the surface of your shoes. So which is the correct term to use?

Too long didn’t read; They are all the same to keep water from penetrating the surface.

All of these terms direct towards the same idea of applying a coating on the surface of a product when it comes to keeping water from penetrating or entering the particular area. The amazing moment when you have applied it on your expensive suede shoes and you see the water bouncing off without leaving any stains on your shoe!

How does it work?

The shoe spray contains methyl isobutyl, ketone, butyl acetate, acetone and mineral spirits. Sounds too technical to understand? Basically, these ingredients when mixed together forms a quick drying agent that creates an invisible hydrophobic layer on the surface of what you have sprayed it on and the layer keeps your shoes waterproof/water-repellent.

What can it be sprayed on?

Depending on your expectations, the isShoe Repulse can be used on any fabric or material without causing discolouration however we do highlight that it will create a matte texture of translucent materials such as glass or see-through plastic. The reason for this is because of the fast drying agent that is present in the can that will form a “frozen” effect on the surface. Not noticeable on fabric materials so it will not alternate the looks of your shoes, clothes or raincoat!

  • Suede
  • Nubuck
  • Canvas
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Leather(although unnecessary when leather polishes are applied)

Who did we create it for?

Sneakerheads, motorcyclists, farmers, bankers, divers, campers, food lovers.. Wait what? Don’t get us wrong, what we’re saying here is that this product can be used by anybody on anything(except for eating of course!). Everyone wears shoes or sandals at any point of time and we certainly can make use of this shoe spray to create a water repellent effect just for anything! Who loves a pair of wet shoes anyway?

How often do I have to use it and how much can I spray?

The more layers, the more durable and lasting it will be. While we can’t give you an exact amount of shoes that you can use it on, the spray depends on how much you are spraying it and how many coats you wish to apply. As a rule of thumb, we can safely say this can will last for at least 12 applications! How does that work out now? Our pricing at $14 per can will mean that each application will work out to be $1.16 to protect your $50 shoes to $1000 shoes! Is that not worth protecting your shoes? Even the cheapest burger from McDonald’s would cost you $2.20!

Where can I get it?

While we work to supply to resellers, supermarkets and shoe care shops, you may also get it from us directly while we do have an e-commerce presence in Singapore. We are reaching out to you and we provide islandwide delivery free of charge just to make sure you are getting the kind of protection your shoes will need! It is no rocket science to buy things online nowadays and we certainly will try to integrate better check out systems for you to buy from our online store while we still cater to customers who wish to get from a retail shop or from our office sometimes.

What are you waiting for?

Every month, we will look out for customers who post their videos on water repellent effects created with isShoe Repulse and we may do a shout out for you to send you more thanks to your creativity! May the best video wins! Get your first bottle of water repellent spray now!

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