Top 14 Flower Delivery Services in Singapore

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, receiving a bouquet of flowers will always put a smile on your loved one’s face. You may be spoiled for choice but choosing the right flower bouquet, however, may be tough with the variety of options and flower stores available online. With online shopping becoming more of a preferred option by customers, some common problems that arise with online flower deliveries are that the actual product may not be up to your expectations as shown online, or flowers arriving late which might ruin the essence of your entire surprise. Do not fret, because we’ve come up with a list of the top 15 online flower delivery services in Singapore so you don’t have to worry and can shop with ease.

1. Fav Florist

At the top of the list, we have Fav Florist. Their product range offers trendy flower creations that are unique and of high quality. Not to mention, their bouquets are exceptionally pretty with the abundant and artfully arranged flowers. They hire only passionate and professional florists to produce sophisticated and beautiful flower arrangements that are perfect for any occasions. 

They also have a wide range of unique flower options such as minimalistic bouquets and rustic flowers bouquet arrangement. My personal favorite is the minimalistic bouquet option that boasts a very rustic and timeless aesthetic, perfect for the old souls out there. 

These flower bouquets will definitely be the perfect gift for any birthdays, anniversaries and graduations that are coming your way. If you’re interested in flowers that will last longer, Fav Florist also sells preserved flower domes that have recently been an uprising trend amongst many flower enthusiasts. Since it is preserved, the aromatic scent can be maintained for as long as possible.  

The premium quality flower bouquets and boxes at Fav Florist makes them a crowd favorite and is definitely why they are one of Singapore’s top flower delivery services!

Fav Florist First Love Bouquet

Need a bouquet right this instant? Fav Florist has your back and can deliver same day with 3 different time slots! Fav Florist assures that their flowers are organically grown and ethically sourced. This really puts us at ease knowing that we are getting the best quality flowers without the expense of anyone else. Their bouquet price range is from $30 – 100. 

For self-collection option, you can visit their office at:

11 Sin Ming Road #01-30 Singapore 575629

Delivery Option:

Free Standard Delivery with 3 time slots for all bouquets 

Contact Fav Florist at / whatsapp them at 91737748

2. Whyzee Flower Delivery

Whyzee Flower Delivery offers flower bouquets that can be delivered anywhere and anytime.  They are the go-to florist whenever you need a bouquet instantly, especially for last minute birthday or anniversary gifts. (The forgetful boyfriends out there, this one’s for you!) They have a wide range of flower options to choose from and all with affordable prices. Apart from that, they specialise in cakes and balloons as well. They provide the perfect product bundles that will be an easy convenient way to gift out the perfect gift. 

Their cheapest bouquet, Surprise Daily Bloom, goes for $24.90, talk about a steal! If you’re not sure which bouquet to choose, don’t worry! Whyzee Flower Delivery offers surprise bouquets where you choose the type of occasion and the florists will personally help you create a bouquet that is fitting for the situation. The other bouquet price range is about $35 to $80. Their flower and cake bundles start from $64.90!

Whyzee cake & flower bundle

Whyzee Cake & Balloon Bundle



They are 100% genuine and they take pride in their service standards. You can choose from their array of flower bouquet options, from surprise bouquets to preserved flower dome.

Contact Farm Florist at or whatsapp them at 97732434


Delivery Option:

Free same day delivery for orders above $100

3. The Bud Box

If you’re not a fan of flower bouquets, The Bud Box offers intricately designed flowers stored in a box. The ease of carrying these Bud Boxes is one of their  many advantages and why many prefer them. 

The flower boxes at bud box are quirky with cute themes like the Love & Protect – Welfare Bud Box that was specially created during Covid-2019 which includes a mask, hand sanitizer and wet wipes placed among lavenders. How cute! The Bud Box also offers freestyle boxes that will be perfect for those who can’t make up their mind on which bouquet to order!  

The bouquets at The Bud Box ranges from $30 to $54 with free same day delivery. They also sell balloons so you can get them together if needed! Convenience right at your fingertips.

the bud box bouquet

The Bud Box also has an option to choose your flower box from the daily designs where new flower arrangements are created on a daily basis to give you the fresh new flower creations. 

Delivery Option:

Free same day delivery with different time slots

Contact them via whatsapp at 96229817 or email them at

 4. Flower Chimp

Flower Chimp has high quality flower arrangements with affordable prices. The unique flower creations at Flower Chimp such as their Trinity Boxes containing Diamond-encrusted roses and mouth watering Ferrero Rochers have been trending around social media recently. If you can’t decide between flowers or chocolates, why not both? It’s the perfect solution! 

Flower Chimp also have classy bouquets available which look expensive and would definitely be the envy of others when carried around. They offer free delivery on any order as well!

flowerchimp bouquet

Flower Chimp guarantees the unique freshness, superior flower quality and competitive value of every single order they receive. They strive to be the most sophisticated florist delivery and promise great value to customers. Their bouquet ranges from $35 to $225. The most expensive bouquet being the 99 Roses bouquet.
Contact Flower Chimp at
Delivery Option:
Free delivery for all orders

5. Petite Fleur Sg

Petite Fleur Sg sells one of a kind flower bouquets. Each bouquet looks like a work of art with the types of flowers used and is well coordinated with their great color combination. 

All the florists as Petite Fleur Sg are professionals with at least 5 years of experience! Each bouquet is personally handmade with love by the florists. They also offer many interesting flower bouquet categories like For Him flower bouquets where there are flower arrangements that are more neutral and make great gifts for guys. Who says only women can receive flowers? 

petite fleur bouquet
petite fleur bouquet

Petite Fleur stands out in the field of artisanal flower bouquets. The bouquets they offer look expensive and sophisticated. I would recommend anyone who does not mind paying to check them out for some interesting bouquets. If you are looking for wedding bouquets, they do specialise in wedding and corporate bouquets. They will work with the bride to craft out her desired bouquet to create an extra special wedding for the happy couple.

Contact them at or 92708473

Delivery options:

2 delivery time slots daily

6. Far East Flora

Far East Flora is probably a very familiar name to Singaporeans as they have been around for 2 decades and have many branches scattered around Singapore. They now also offer their services online. The flower bouquets sold by Far East Flora come in a wide range of categories and bouquets to choose from. 

They have traditional fruit baskets, Fruity Goodness and even Energy Care Package for those who prefer something substantial as compared to flowers. They also offer flower packages such as ‘flower and cake’, and ‘flower and necklace’ combination for convenience to those who prefer to get everything from one place. (This one’s for the lazy boyfriends out there) 

far east flora bouquet

Far East Flora offers over 1000 flower options daily with hassle free return guarantee. You will be spoilt for choice just looking through all the different categories available to choose from. They also have gift options for more specific groups of people such as new-born baby and wellness products. Regardless young or old, Chinese new year or Christmas, you will definitely be able to find something appropriate. 

Contact them at or 62512323

Delivery Option:

Same day/ next day delivery

7. Urban Meadow

Urban Meadow specializes in freestyle bouquets that change daily with varying designs that come in different sizes such as small, medium and large. All designs change daily and will come as a pleasant surprise. Customers trust Urban Meadow to create something wonderful every day. 

Bouquets are made with only the freshest most seasonal flowers and foliage, secured with natural twine and comes with care instructions, flower food and even water to keep the bouquets nice and fresh, helping them last as long as possible. 

Each bouquet is nicely packaged into a paper bag with a greeting card which you can write your greetings on. The price of flower bouquets are from $38.

urban meadow bouquet
urban meadow bouquet

Delivery Options:

All prices are inclusive of delivery

8. Floristique

Boasting an enormous catalogue of fresh flowers, Floristique pride themselves in their unique, artfully designed flower arrangements. In an effort to change the idea that exquisite flower bouquets do not need to come with a heavy price tag, Floristique offers exotic and personalized floral designs at affordable prices. If you are into illuminating bouquets, Floristique has flower arrangement that gets twined together with LED lights, creating a one of a kind bouquet that will brighten up your day.

Customers of Floristique can also request additional gifts to be sent with bouquets, such as fruit baskets, chocolates, soft toys, cakes and other charming items. 

Floristique was born when the founder, Wendy, decided to change her career from finance to florist. She followed her heart and stuck to her instinct to become a florist. Her story is really heart warming. Floristique allows customised flower bouquets and will try to replicate any flower arrangement that their customers have in mind.


floristique bouquet

Contact them at 92281005 or

Delivery options:

Free delivery for all orders

9. Xpress Flowers

Xpress Flower is another familiar favorite of Singaporeans that offer a variety of flower creations. They have distinguished themselves with very interesting flower arrangements such as the Disney themed and astrology flower bouquets. 

Want a more interesting option for your flowers? They partnered with many companies like OSIM and even local brands like Udders to produce flower packages to give you the best of both Worlds. 

Tired of flowers being in bouquets? Cup it! They have unconventional flowers in a cup and box. The innovation from Xpress Flower never ends and check them out for some out of the box creations.

Xpress Flower provides assured delivery with a 50% money-back guarantee if they do not deliver on time so do not worry about receiving your flower late, they’ve got your back.

Xpress Flower Bouquet
Contact them at 62801007 if you are interested.

Delivery options:

Same day delivery or 3hr express delivery

10. Floral Garage Sg

Not only do Floral Garage offer an array of ‘Freestyle’ bouquets, floral purses, vases and jars, they also help customers specially craft the perfect bouquets suited to the occasion. They also have ready-made bouquets available for many unique occasions such as Chinese New Year, Teacher’s Day and even Christmas. Each bouquet is catered towards each occasion such as their Mandarin Orange Bonsai for CNY and vibrant Christmas colours and fresh pine scents for Christmas. 

If you are more interested in creating your own bouquet yourself to make a creation of your own, Floral Garage offers Floral workshops and classes to equip you with the basic skills to make a personalized bouquet yourself. 

The bouquet ranges from $35 for a single sunflower bouquet to $260 for premium flower bouquets.

Floral Garage Bouquet
Contact them at or whatsapp them at 93878871

You can also self collect at:

756 Upper Serangoon Road 


Singapore 534626

Delivery options:

Free same day delivery/other day delivery

11. The Wallflower Bud

Just like how you’d gather flowers at the fields, The Wallflower Bud creates bouquets that contain a variety of flowers, put together in a simple manner. For those who prefer simplicity over extravagant designs, this might be a good fit for you. Their specialty is the ‘Customised Flower Box’ in which they use preserved flowers, customisable text and fairy lights that make for gorgeous decor, perfect for a wedding reception or wedding gift.

The Wallflower Bud Bouquet
The Wallflower Bud Bouquet

Delivery Options:

$12 islandwide delivery

12. Bloom Room

Founded in 2011, The Bloom Room is a family-run florist that specialises in creatively crafted blooms for any occasion. They are known for their “From The Flower Fields” range – where they handpick some of the season’s best for each order. Another favorite is their dried and preserved creations, as well as faux flower arrangements that are tasteful and popular with young homeowners.  

Another interesting product that Bloom Room sells alongside flowers are premium kindred tea leaves, featuring tea balls that unfurl into ethereal bouquets and Fossa Chocolates, Singapore’s first and award winning artisanal bean-to-bar craft chocolate. 

The bouquets range from $38, a simple cone bouquet, to $200 for a sophisticated bouquet such as Life in the Tropics.

Bloom Room Bouquet
Contact them at 

Delivery options:

$15 delivery free

13. Happy Bunch

If you don’t have a specific flower arrangement in mind, Happy Bunch provides a signature range that is handcrafted with your loved ones in mind. They offer preserved and fresh flowers, and also petite bunches which are cute and easy to carry around. 

Beside flowers, they also offer care packages, which are especially popular during this stay home season. 

They offer same-day delivery islandwide with live tracking, all starting from $15. They also pay a lot of attention to their customisation and packaging. They also have gift boxes filled with practical fights and handwritten cards for those who are not a flower person.

All their bouquets range from $15 to $65.  

Happy Bunch Bouquet
Happy Bunch Bouquet

Contact them at or visit them at 201 Henderson Road #07-08 Singapore 159545

Delivery options: 

Free delivery on all orders 

14. Windflower Florist

Not only do Windflower Florists offer flowers for all types of occasions, they also specialise in flowers mainly dedicated for living spaces such as the living room and dining room. On top of that, they also specialise in their gift hampers. If you are a fan of Läderach Chocolates, they also recently did a collaboration with the popular chocolate brand that is paired with your arrangement of blooming flowers that is bound to sweeten your loved ones’ day.

Windflower Florist Bouquet
Delivery Options:

Free delivery on all orders 


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