Shoe Rack Idea #1 – Hanging Shoe Rack

When we browse for page boards online and source for ideas, we often feel that “their country can DIY.. how can Singapore do it?” Let us not be restricted by our own thinking! isShoe Singapore is here to guide you along the way and show you how you can create the same! The greatest part of DIY is that we are creating something that is uniquely ours at home that cannot be easily bought off the shelf elsewhere in Singapore! That makes your shoe rack even more special!

Here’s a simple shoe rack idea that we will be guiding you along to help you declutter your mess!

Looks simple? You’re probably right!

Here’s what you need:
Double sided tape Wall Hooks or Screw Hooks

diy wiresNylon Strings or Wires or Twill? Up to you!

Wire hangers!

Now let’s get started on installing for your DIY shoe hanger!

Step 1: Pin wall hooks or screw the hooks in(depending on what you use) then tie up your string/wire that you have chosen

Continue to do the same and achieve as many as you wish to create for the number of tiers. Here’s a note: Remember to space out enough for your shoes to hang otherwise they will always stack on one another!

Step 2: Prepare the wire hangers and cut them with the method provided below and you will be able to utilise 2 pairs of shoes for one set of wire hanger! 🙂

   We’re done with the first part! Next:

Now we’re ready for the moment we have all been waiting for.. to put the shoes on!

This is how your final product idea should look like:

So how did you do with our guide provided? Let us know if you need help with the comments section below and we will do our best to help you out here!

If you feel like this shoe rack design idea is not suitable for you, you can always browse our shoe rack section for other ready-made products!

We’ll do our best to bring more DIY ideas to keep you tuned in to our updates! Have got an idea of your own and wish to share with us? Drop us an email at to let us know! We are more than willing to share your shoe rack ideas too!

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