How to choose the right Shoe Rack?

Shoe Rack

Your shoes are in a mess and you know you need to get a shoe rack but wait.. there are so many shoe rack designs to choose from! In this guide, we will be sharing on a few factors for you to choose the right shoe rack for your home or office.

We understand that everyone’s home is different because we are individuals of different preferences in Singapore. Albeit from design style to colour to size and era, no two homes are identical.

While our range of shoe racks are not customised, we offer our shoe racks that will meet the following demands set by our previous customers and interest groups who have expressed their favourite designs based on surveys and studies conducted during our research to understand our customers on a deeper note.

For homes with high usage of wood as part of the interior design, we strongly recommend our wooden shoe rack and premium shoe rack types because of the corresponding tones that our shoe rack can relate so the shoe rack looks as if it is a well purchased item instead of it looking like the odd one out.

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$32.90$38.90 $32.90

For the industrial looking homes with more usage of metal and concrete colours to set a cool tone instead of the usual warm colours by wood, we will recommend the metal shoe rack category because of the same finishes that we will be able to provide with the corresponding colours.

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$28.90 $22.90
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$49.90 $38.90

A colourful yet simple home. The choices are not limited to the above but also, we offer colourful shoe racks for the brighter homes! Our range of plastic shoe rack offers lightweight yet sturdy shoe racks in different colours and designs available.

If space is not constrained, the widest shoe rack should be picked to maximise the usage and not leave any gaps. Our range of shoe racks come in tiers that are fixed, it is better to choose a shoe rack with more tiers in cause of further expansions. A good way to estimate the number of tiers needed will be to count the number of shoes that you will be racking onto the shelves or end up having to get another shoe rack just to suffice. The rule of thumb is that it is always good to have more space than less!

If you already have an existing shoe cabinet, we will suggest a shoe rack bench that you can comfortably sit on to change your shoes.

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By choosing the right material and the right size, you can hardly go wrong with your new shoe rack!

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