How to set up your Elenor Prime Shoe Box

The brother of the Elenor Economical! The premium plastic boxing is significantly thicker than the economical and is way more rigid compared to it. This enhances on the stack-ability of this plastic shoe box with dual shape support from the front and the back.

This is what you get out of the packaging! 4 items: 2 side panels, 1 front panel, 1 back panel!

Step 1: Fit both the side clear panels together

Step 2: Fit the back panel to either side of the opening as both front and back are interchangeable sides!

StepĀ 3: Fit the front panel with the same holes/stacking piece side

We’re done! Wasn’t that difficult after all was it? Now it’s time to finish the other 9 you have left to make a great stack! The elenor prime plastic shoe box is tested to have stacked 12 at one go!
What’s your record?

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