Remember when the “Zebra”(CP9654) first dropped on the 25th on February this year? The queue at Adidas Pan Pacific has always been snaking long and no doubt that that will happen again should Adidas wish to perform a physical queue again. This year it has been slightly different, Adidas have integrated an online balloting system […]

isShoe Repulse Water Repellent, Waterproof, Hydrophobic Spray? Hydrophobic, water repellent, waterproof spray. These terms are always used interchangeably when it comes to the concept of a shoe spray that helps prevent water or liquid substances from penetrating the surface of your shoes. So which is the correct term to use? Too long didn’t read; They […]

Founded with the belief to go the extra mile for the less fortunate, isShoe Singapore chanced upon the opportunity to do a donation of shoe rack to the children at the Pertapis Home when Nurul ‘Ain Bte Mohammed Kassim (Mdm), Deputy Head of Pertapis Children’s Home voiced that the children needed shoe racks for their […]

The kraft seperator is a great add on for the men’s kraft box as it sub-divides the box into 12 smaller compartments for your socks, shoe laces or even personal jewellery like bracelets and rings! Let’s skip the introduction and we will dive into how you can fix it easily with our guide below! Here’s […]

The brother of the Elenor Economical! The premium plastic boxing is significantly thicker than the economical and is way more rigid compared to it. This enhances on the stack-ability of this plastic shoe box with dual shape support from the front and the back. This is what you get out of the packaging! 4 items: […]

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