How to Insert your Kraft Seperator Guide

The kraft seperator is a great add on for the men’s kraft box as it sub-divides the box into 12 smaller compartments for your socks, shoe laces or even personal jewellery like bracelets and rings! Let’s skip the introduction and we will dive into how you can fix it easily with our guide below!

Here’s what you’ll receive in the box:

5 pieces: 2 large holders and 3 smaller inserts

Step 1: Fold the larger holders into half

Step 2: Fold the smaller inserts into half too

Step 3: Fit the smaller inserts between the gaps of the larger holder

Done? It should look like this below!

Then slot it in to the Kraft Men’s Shoe storage box and you are ready to store!

Click Kraft Box to get started on your collection today!

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