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No two homes are the same! They saying “No place like home” applies to all of us and we will know when we are comfortably home. The atmosphere, the way we place our furniture, the colour and texture of our walls or floor tiles, all these make the biggest differences! Not forgoing the design of our homes, isShoe presents a variety of modern, traditional or rustic types of shoe rack that can fit into your home well without compromising the primary function of a shoe rack to store and organize.

Our main material for the wooden shoe rack is with the species known as the Southern Bamboo of Asia(Monocotyledones Liliopsidac) that is known for their durable, strong and easy to craft properties that can be moulded into any shape that we can imagine. Common wooden shoe racks are often made with medium density fibreboard(MDF), which is a mix of discarded wood solids, wax and resin, that feels like wood but of the cheapest quality. Think of it like a chicken nugget, made with discards of a hen that is not of commercial value, would you still pay the same if it the nugget is the same size as the thigh? We will not compromise your quality just because we are selling in quantity! Sourced from the south of Yellow River in the hills of Jiang Nan, these bamboos grow up rapidly in warm humid forested areas that can be materialized sustainably. 

Easy assembly.

At isShoe, we bring you fitting shoe rack furniture for modern or traditional homes at affordable prices that do not leave a hole in your pocket! Comparable to many, we are one of the cheapest in Singapore to bring about self-assembled shoe rack furniture that do not require strong technical skills for setup. It defeats the purpose of convenience if the tools and skills required, are not widely known. Simple clockwise motion to tighten a screw will be the most important to building our shoe racks yourself.

We know our shoes.

Behind every company there are always people running it and we? We love our shoes. We dress up with leather shoes on formal days and we rock in our Yeezys on other days. We know what it is like to take care of our shoes and we know what you need! Providing shoe care solutions to our customers is the cherry on the cupcake because not everyone who sells you shoes teaches you how to care for your shoes. If we were to sell shoes, we will of course hope that you’ll buy more! Here we are to cover this gap between shoe ownership and shoe care that is often overlooked and not seen as a necessity when owning pairs over pairs of shoes.

While we try to post on the latest Adidas NMD, Yeezy or Air Jordan that’s about to release, we hope to seek the understanding of our customers that we will try our best to make sure you get the latest updates and timings on where to get these items. Always subscribe to us and visit our site to read our blog more often and stay in the zone with the latest releases!

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