Keeping your shoes dry and odour-free!

Keep your shoes dry and odour free!
Remember when you put on a pair of socks and slot your feet into your shoes just to feel the slightly damp insoles? You are shoes have not dried from yesterday’s rain and probably stinks a little..
Today we are going to cut up the isShoe Remove and go into technical details for the activated carbon on why and how it is beneficial to our usage when we insert it into our shoes.

First, look at the benefits of the isShoe Remove’s Activated Charcoal:
Removes moisture cause by the high relative humidity of Singapore, this is a killer for many shoes for catalysing fungal growth and a moist, warm environment is perfect for bacteria to multiply!
Eliminating odour from sweat that has stained our shoes since the first day that we started putting our foot into it!
These two points keep our shoes free from odour and dry from moisture, important points that we must have to ensure the comfort and extend the life of our shoes.
A smelly pair of shoes probably turns off your potential buyer when you resell it or your friends may remember you as the guy with Hong Kong feet(athlete’s feet) 😉
Just as we brush our teeth daily and wash our clothes to be in proper hygiene, our shoes are often neglected and left in the shoe cabinet to “heal” itself when the actual fact is that it does not! So how does activated carbon work on it for us? Probably the least tiring task for personal hygiene is to insert the isShoe Remove and it will do the rest!

What is activated carbon?
Made of charcoal that has been activated, activated carbon is highly porous with efficient physical absorption abilities to remove harmful chemicals or gases that will be detrimental to our health. If you think activated charcoal is just simply the charcoal that we use for BBQ, it will be a great mistake! Our BBQ charcoal is filled with toxins and chemicals to burn well so we strongly discourage anyone to try and DIY a carbon pouch!
How to use isShoe Remove?
As simple as it may be, we have packaged the activated charcoal into inserts that you do not have to trouble yourself with! Simply insert isShoe Remove pouches into your shoes and it will do the rest! Convenient right?
How long does it last?
Depending on the usage, if shoes are always exposed to high moisture environment or wet most of the times, we will recommend a change as soon as you feel that the moisture adsorption is not as effective anymore. As a rule of thumb, if your shoes are worn 2-3times a week and not caught in the rain most of the time, we will estimate the use of 6 months! That’s less than a dollar a month to keep your shoes in good condition and odour free!
Who can use it?
From the young to the elderly, this product is all encompassing when it comes to personal hygiene for ours shoes! Preventing fungal and bacteria growth, the isShoe Removes helps to keep our family healthy and safe from feet diseases too! Buy a family package and start Removing bacteria growth and eliminate odours from shoes today!

What are other uses for activated charcoal?

While we all agree that activated carbon can be beneficial to our health and hygiene, not many have access to it to fully reap the benefits of this carbon goodness that has been presented into our life! We look forward to sending out our activated carbon goodness to the rest of you!

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